CHRDesigned to get to Number one on Google

There is never a guarantee when it comes to Google rankings but in this case I am confident we have a very good chance to get to the top of Google for a search of "Winchester driving instructor".

When a new client comes to us with this sole aim I always point them to our blog article here. Unless you have a small idea of how Google works and start from scratch with this in mind you are going to be pushing water uphill.

Start with the right domain name and I think we have cracked it here.  Anyone that tells you the domain name doesnt make a difference, and there are thousands of articles online that will tell you that, doesnt know what they are talking about. It isnt everything, it is just the start of the puzzle and unless you have all the pieces then your final result isnt going to be what you hoped for.

Dont waste time and money - do it right from the beginning.

So Paul came to us with a website that didnt rank for anything apart from if you searched his name, so no use for generating new customers that dont know of him.

He really liked his website and wanted the new one to look very similar, so that is what he has now with a few fourishes, and he is now able to edit any section of it himself, whereas his previous Wordpress site was a mystery to him - as it is to many!

 So if you want a Driving Instructor in Winchester or a website that isnt hidden to the world go and have a look at his new website and see if something like this might suit you and your business.

Please have a look at and tell us what you think.


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