Love it or hate it Social Media is a must have for your website.

Unless you just want a "business card" type website that will never be found without your web address then you have to have a solid Social Media presence on the web.

We understand that not everyone has the time, the inclination or the correct "know how" to mount a Social Media campaign that will properly promote your website, get it "Out there" and seen by millions, or at least the people you want to see it.

At Gingerweb we are now able to take on your Twitter and Facebook campaigns for you. We believe that Twitter is the Social Media medium of the hour. A correctly run Twitter campaign is not just about getting Twitter followers, although we will certainly increase these for you. The "importance" of your website is what we strive to increase and Twitter can be a huge part of your SEO package.

All our Social Media work is done manually, so your customers will not receive automatic messages which are so obviously a turn off.

We will manually keep you up to date with any relevant and genuine notifications , it is nothing short of a human checking for spam for you!

We run several accounts as well as our own and have great links with some very important (In the Twitter World) businesses to get you maximum exposure.

For just £45 a month for one Social Media account (we recommend this is Twitter for increased SEO) or £65 for Both Twitter and Facebook, we will totally run, or if you prefer just assist you with your accounts, the choice is yours. If you enjoy it but are simply not getting what you should be from your Social Media let us get you moving in the right direction. It is important to keep on the case with Twitter and we only ask for a minimum contract with us of 3 months.


1. One Social Media Account - £45 per month - min 6 months (or £495pa includes one month free)
2. Two Social Media accounts - £65 per month - min 6 months (or £715pa includes one month free)

2017 offer - If you take Option 2 above we will also Install, configure and manage your blog for you too!

Try us and see !

Contact us now for more information

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