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SEO in Devon

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Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) Results in Devon

Every business however large or small must have a website. Do you use Yellow Pages anymore ? Most people look up a phone number, an address, even a postcode on the Internet now. So you need a new website or your first website.

The next thing you need to think about when you have got your website is how are people going to find it ? You can spend a fortune on Google's Adwords but do you use the sponsored links on the right hand side of Google ? Many people dont, and they can be so expensive.

Target your audience and setup your website so your audience can find it.

Your Gingerweb website will be properly optimised when it is finished but there is only so much we can do for you in the first build package. Have a look at what we can do for you in the way of promoting your website to the first pages of Google to help you build your business up and up.

Wedding Photography in Devon

The better your business does, the more you will want us !

We are currently offering a service that is simply getting a website to page 1 of Google for free. No risk involved. We get you to page 1 and then you pay us to keep you there.

The costs are surprisingly cheap too and will depend on the difficulty of the job (ie. The competition for your keywords). If you are struggling to be found anywhere on the web then we can help you make that jump into Google heaven on page 1 !

If you want to rank for a "national" keyword like "haulage" or "Topiary balls" then the competition is tougher so the job is more expensive but if your business depends on local trade like "SEO North Devon" (like we do) or "practical CPC Devon" (like does) then we can get you to page 1 and very likely to number 1 - remember if we try and fail you dont pay us a penny!

We have proof it works too (see below) - but rather than brag about it just drop us a line and we will show you what we have achieved and work out a cost for your keywords and your website. Every site is a different challenge and it will normally take us an hour or two to give you a fee.

Just to give you some idea of approximate costs:  The monthly payment to keep you in a previously agreed "goal position" be that page 1, top 5 or number 1 on page 1 of Google could be anything from £50 to £150, but this will vary as detailed above, depending on the competition for your keywords.

We do not use expensive Google Adwords (which you could do yourself) and charge you a premium, like many companies who promise Page 1. We do not promise anything and we do not charge until you get to a previously agreed position.

Dont forget - it is FREE to get you there so you have NO UPFRONT COSTS !!

SEO Devon


1. If ever proof were needed the being at the top of Google will increase your web traffic/sales etc then have a look at the below screenshot taken from Google analytics in January 2013. You can clearly see that after we started working on the optimisation of in July 2012 their web traffic multiplied massively. Compare like for like - October/November 2011 with the same months in 2012. (2014: Foxyattire has now gone onto a newer/faster and more efficient website with

“The decision to go ahead with SEO was a difficult one for Foxy Attire. This was because as a relatively new business with lots of set up costs and overheads we wanted to keep our expenses to a minimum.
However, having made the decision to go ahead, we haven’t looked back! We have enjoyed a vast increase in visitors to our site which has in turn led to lots of enquiries and most importantly, extra sales.
We have had a our busiest Christmas season ever and are thankful for Gingerwebs hard work keeping us up there on Google!
Overall, its been money very well spent.”
Kerry Wilson Owner of Foxyattire

Click the image to enlarge. 

seo north devon

2. A similar result was gained with - Selling, er yes Topiary Balls the owner of this site was paying Google Adwords in excess of £250 a month and described himself as a "busy fool" - paying Google for clicks that were not always giving him sales. We created his new website for him with every sales page optimised to the hilt and we monitored the domains standing in Google whilst working on the off site SEO that is always required to make that jump from page 2 or 3 to page 1 and ultimately to NUMBER 1 for the right search term.

For the keywords of "Topiary Balls" and "Artificial Topiary Balls" this domain wasnt anywhere in the first 7 pages. Within a little over a month we have achieved NUMBER 1 on page 1 for BOTH those keywords !! Harry has stopped paying Google £250 a month and is paying us considerably less to maintain this position, and he is a happy chap:

"As director of, I wanted to push the business further and yet reduce the advertising and marketing costs as much as possible.  Google Adwords had worked but looking through the accounts, I ran the risks of becoming a 'busy fool' with lots of sales but paying heavily for each click into my advertisement.  I therefore decided to take the plunge and stop ignoring my none existent standing of my SEO rate and obtain the skills of Gingerweb to push my company naturally to the top of the standings instead of paying to be up there.  Within an incredibly short time, I am now number 1 under two of my busiest search key words, beating Argos! My monthly bills have plummeted, and my sales have soared within a handful of weeks. Thanks Gingerweb. I wish I had done it earlier!" - Harry Tangye Owner of Savrow UK


This is the graph for Keyword "Artificial Topiary Balls" showing its progression from obscurity to Google up to Number 1 on Page 1 

 seo north devon

This is the graph for Keyword "Topiary Balls" showing its progression from obscurity to Google up to Number 1 on Page 1

seo results north devon


seo great results north devon 

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