westwardho apartmentA stunning apartment on the sea front at Westward Ho!

This really is in an amazing location, very sought after as a rental property and the owners were paying a fortune to agents in commission for every booking.

So they came to us to create a new website from scratch with booking capabilities. That sounds simple enough doesn't it?!

This did turn out to be a very complex booking system but we cracked it after a short delay. The specifics of the booking arrangements were the issue here but they are not unreasonable requests at all so using the best bookings software available ( Jomres ) and quite a few customisations we now have a very functional and easy to run website.

No longer will the owner be paying huge commissions to the booking company.

If you would like a website like this one or indeed nothing like this one get in touch via our contact page!

 So please have a look at the site and how simple the booking process is for the end user. Sometimes the more complex it is in the background means it is easier to use at the front and this is definitely the case with this one!
















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