tufftoys4dogsThis site already existed having been built from a massive online shopping system and was working to a point. The main issue was that people were not finding the site through the search engines. There were other management issues too but these have now all been overcome with a great new site using tried and trusted Content Management Tools that mean the owner can totally take ownership of the site and manage the whole thing going forward.

The site has multiple ways for the user to find the product they are looking for and is fully optimised for the Search engines to find, within a few days orders are coming in on a daily basis, at times two or three a day already.

The site is built using Joomla CMS, with the Virtuemart shopping system. We also installed invaluable components like "Advanced Inventory Manager" which allows the shop owner to see all of the products on one page while they are able to adjust prices, stock levels and all sorts of other factors with the click of a mouse.

We always use the Artio VM Invoicing system which again is tried and trusted, creating superb clean invoices that are sent out from the website when payment is completed, and also when the product is shipped. All along showing your customers that you are a professional and reliable business.

As in all our shops we use the "One Page Checkout" system so that with 1 click the user is inserting their payment details  - massively reducing shopping carts not finalised.

Visit the Tufftoys4dogs website to see how the system works and if you have a dog in need of a mighty chew toy then this is the place to go shopping!

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