thomas bentley blindsA huge collection of Blinds and Shutters!

Chris came to me with a logo that was part of the business and lots of great images of their work.

He had seen a website where all the images had prices displayed clearly on them, which he clearly liked. Apart from that we had a free rein to produce a shiny bright business front where it is really obvious to the viewer where they should be going.

The website has several image galleries which Chris is able to add to himself very easily and now he knows how they can look on the website there will be plenty more added in the future.

The blog is going to be used as an education tool to try to get "shares" and "likes" on social media which will inform more and more customers where to find a great solution to house and office windows. The first blog is a competition which is shared to social media, this is a great idea to get things moving along rapidly.

The site looks great on mobile devices, the images fill the screens and look fantastic.

Look out for another website coming along for this company soon!

Please have a look at and tell us what you think.



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