swallows day nurseryThis new site has a huge long homepage with tons of information. There are loads of great images showing what a great time the children have at this small Nursery.

Initially when we started off this project the owner wasn't sure what information she had to fill the website, but once we had an initial design with lots of suggestions the site just grew and grew and is likely to include a new blog on it soon too!

Always remember that a website should be a "living thing". If you complete your website and dont keep it up to date then it will quickly become obvious to your viewers and to Google that it isn't relevant and will most likely drop from page 1 on the serach engines if it was ever to get there in the first place.

To make it easy for you to keep your new website up to date we use a Content Management System which means that you can just login to your website Admin area from anywhere in the World with any Internet device and edit text and images with ease! When you are done just click SAVE and then have a look at your adjusted website because it will already be changed.

It really is that easy and we make sure you are fully aware of how to work on your site with personal instruction and videos of the process that you can refer to at any time.

Having told you how easy it is to adjust your new website it is equally important to understand that it will not appear on the first page of Google the day after it is switched on - or even for a few weeks unless you get it right!

As part of your website build we will set your site up to have the best chance to rank well but nothing can ever be guaranteed and anyone who tells you it can needs a wide berth!

Please check out our blog about ranking well on Google for a new site here

Please have a good look through the back pages on this site and immerse yourself in the fun a 2 year old can have at Nursery!

Pop over to the new website and see for yourself at https://www.swallowsdaynursery.co.uk


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