Sams Hair and Beauty Westward HoSam called us just over 2 weeks ago. She hasnt been able to update her website for some time and when she asked the guys who built it to do it they took ages and charged the earth - sound familiar?

We use the Joomla Content Management System BECAUSE it is really easy for us to show YOU how to login to your website and keep it up to date from any computer anywhere in the world. It really is as easy as logging in, going to the relevant page, changing what you need and saving it. If you need anything more complicated then as long as we can do it in less than an hour there is no charge to you and we will usually do it the same day you ask.

We just want your website to work for you and be a great advert for you and us!

So Sams original website worked ok but it was not setup at all to rank well on Google search engines. This comes as standard with us. We will ask you at some stage during or before the build starts, what your "keywords" are. These are the words that people will use to find you, and this is what the site will be based around.

Sam wants people who search for "Hair salon Westward Ho" to find her immediately and her old site was only really setup to bring results if they searched for her name, there was no emphasis on her location, which is essential for any local business.

We were able to get the new site up and running really quickly, Sams email accounts and domain names all transferred across to us at no extra charge and with no hassle to Sam. The whole lot has been sorted in just over 2 weeks and we also introduced our friend Andy at Tarkatography to do all new pictures too!

Imagery is so important for your website and will often cost less than you can earn from just one extra client, and you will get more then one extra client if you have proper professional imagery.

Pop over to the new website and see for yourself at


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