Pawfect SleepPawfect Sleep is a totally new business started from scratch with plans to sell Dog Beds, apparel and accessories to dog owners that really care about their pooches! The content of the website is only best quality, UK made tried and tested, quality products.

So to show the products off in the best way possible we made use of the photography provided by the manufacturers. Each main image was made square so that the home page lines were all uniform and images were carefully chosen to advertise the best quality luxury produce.

Postage and Payment options always create some discussions. It is best to keep it as simple as possible of course. How many times have you been to a shopping cart and left the contents not paid for because you have been surprised by the postage costs?

With our system we can manage postage in several ways.

1. By weight. This doesnt mean you have to weigh every item. On this site we have used weight by setting all beds as 1KG and all leads, harnesses etc to 0.1KG - the cart then automatically processes a larger "bed price" for the beds and unless there are 10 smaller products in the cart it uses the lower "lead price" for the smaller items.

2. By Cost. This can be incremental depending on the value of the cart, we can make it get cheaper or more expensive on a sliding scale, both easy to achieve.

3. All options allow a threshold whereby you can set for the cart to automatically give "freepost" over a certain value.

Invoicing is totally bespoke with our shopping system. PDF invoices are sent to the shopper and shop owner as soon as the purchase is confirmed, with a text email that includes all support details and all your social media links. Obviously your logo is proudly displayed on your invoice.

There are some apparently complex shopping options within this site too. Check out the Dog Doza Waterproof Box Border Bed which asks you for your preferred size (choice of 3) and then asks you for your choice of 5 colours. Each option shows you the actual bed colour in the main image. This is a fairly simple process to setup which we go through with the customer in detail and provide video instruction so you can always refer to for reminders!

The shop manages stock control and in an "Amazon" way offers you "related products" when you add a product to your cart so you can attempt a polite "upsell" when the customer is in a buying mood.

The site also includes our Blogging system. Most people hear the word blog and run a mile. See this as "News" and a brilliant way to increase your website traffic. Google loves it too. We will always make sure you know what you are doing with this and are always available to help, we dont charge for our friendly and fast support of course.

The logo for Pawfect Sleep was created by Shawna from The CDI College in Winnipeg, Canada where we have a close contact. The students are brilliant and came up with lots of options for this business. Shawna was the winner this time!

Pop over to the new website and see for yourself at


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