Pantheon Hospitality VIP corporate experiencesWe have hosted the Panthwon Hosptality Wordpress website for a few years and it was becoming more and more challenging to update it as it was becoming more and more out of date.

We find Wordpress can be a little cumbersome when it comes to easily managing your sites which is why we use the Joomla Content Management system.

Joomla enables us to build a beautiful new website and hand it over to the end user so that they can manage it themselves if they want to. Most people do want to keep their own website up to date and this big Pantheon Hospitality was built totally with that in mind.

The owner Phil is able to add and adjust his Corporate events in a fairly simple administrator area. There is enough complexity to make it work really well and within a very short time the website is ranking well on Google for keywords like "Headingley Cricket corporate event" which at the time of writing was number 3 on Google after only being live for 3 weeks!

The Keywords are not "area driven" as his clients come from all over the country so this is even more important than usual and as he is competing with the entire country it is also much more difficult.

Have a look at the new site for yourself at



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