mindfulness lifeAmanda came to us through a recommendation.

She will not mind me saying she didn't really have a clue where to start with a website she just knew she needed one along with Social media accounts and to have it all interlinking and just working!

It is always a pleasure to help someone in this situation who we can see grow from obscurity to looking professional and reliable which is what we all strive to do.

We now know lots about "Mindfulness" and just reading through the website and looking at the images already starts the process to make you feel relaxed and to think about your own well-being.

All the images in the website are royalty free "stock" images that we were able to point Amanda to so that reduced her costs and her wonderful logo was designed by a very talented designer called Ronald Remolacio who is part of our connection with an Art College in Manitoba, Canada.

Please have a look around Mindfulness Life and let us know what you think, if you are after a website along these lines we can help!

The Blog can be found and subscribed to it from the button on this page : https://www.mindfulnesslife.co.uk/blog

If you would like a website like this one or indeed nothing like this one get in touch via our contact page!


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