Mid devon Garage doorsAnother site ranking fast!

This site has got to Google page 1 search results within 1 week! We have never achieved this before so would obviously like to brag about it!

The site was setup to rank well but to get to page 1 of organic searches so quickly is fantastic - try a search for "Garage Doors Mid Devon" - after 6 days this was at number 7 so we are confident it will get even better than this too.

A simple website with lots of great imagery and finished in just a couple of weeks it shows how effective a proper website with a genuine Content Management System can be. This website will grow and grow as the business does. There is no limit ever to the size, so if your webhost is telling you your site is too big or they want to charge you extra, come and tell us about it.

Have a look at the simple image galleries where the website owner can add an image or 100 images in just a few seconds with easy to follow instructions, and with an instructional video if they prefer.

Please have a look at https://www.middevongaragedoors.co.uk  and tell us what you think.


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