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Keep It Cool & Catering are a big part of Bideford, North Devon, the brightly coloured vans are often spotted in North Devon but they cover a huge area of the South West too.

Their website was not mobile friendly and had been built with a non standard Content Management System which was years out of date and the company were not able to adjust it let alone keep regular updates on it.

A website should be a living thing, that is the way to get Google interested. If you leave your website alone for years then it will only be any good as a brochure or link to your business card. Lets hope this website grows and grows now.

So there are 4 strands of the business. Air Conditioning - Catering (commercial kitchens) - Refrigeration  (cold rooms and walk in fridges and freezers) as well as Trailer hire (fridge and freezer trailers)

The plan is to build on the current pages which include a service page for each strand and an example page for each strand also. Hopefully going forward there will be more example pages going up which will showcase the work and hit Google search engines really well.

 SEO is everything for this site. We have measured all the keywords at site launch and are hoping for massive improvements soon.


Pop over to their new website and see for yourself at


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