A Little Furniture ShopThe company name is Johnson & Son and they are "Property Developers in North Devon" so with a view to getting this site to rank well for searches like "North Devon Property Developers" we went for a domain name of www.northdevonpropertydevelopers.co.uk which will absolutely help in this process. We have dozens of examples of this being helpful so do not listed to anyone that says it isnt all part of the jigsaw, every possible advantage in getting your site to rank well we employ!

So Darren and Ben were one of our first ever customers back in 2004 with a local cafe business and it is great to have them come back to us now. They had a look through our portfolio and decided a design which we had used before would suit them nicely, with a change of colours and slight adjustments to the design.

The site is simple, with only around 5 pages of information but it is all designed to show the viewer what they need, and have plenty of options for "Call to action" with big "contact us" buttons leading to a simple spam protected form.

The site pages are all fully responsive, which means that care has been taken to ensure they look right on all size devices and each page has been optimised to rank in Google's search engine, we will also keep an eye on this and adjust any keywords as necessary in a few weeks depending on how it does.

Pop over to the new website and see for yourself at  https://www.northdevonpropertydevelopers.co.uk


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