johnevigarJohn Vigar is a broadcaster and lecturer specialising in Ecclesiology, the study of Church architecture.

John had a website but it wasn't doing the job for him, mostly in that it was a complicated Wordpress setup which he wasnt in complete control of and it wasnt ranking very well in Google either.

So simplicity was the key and that is what we have, a great result that John is really pleased with.

The site shows off his images really well and there are a number of Youtube tours and lectures contained in the site, with plenty of room for more as they come along.

There is a clear and simple contact section on every page where Johns visitors can get in touch easily.

If you would like a website like this one or indeed nothing like this one get in touch via our contact page!

 So please check out Johns new site and maybe even subscribe to his new blog if the subject matter is for you -






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