honeybeefloralartHoneyBee Floral Art is owned by Melissa Baker, a very talented and dedicated lady. Melissa came to us several years ago and we built her an Ecommerce webshop. The shop made some sales but more recently has been used a shop window and she felt she would be better served by having a new website which would be more image conscious so she would be able to show off all her work.

We now have dozens of images of her work in galleries across the easily navigated website. Melissa can simply login and add to these galleries, fro her phone if necessary.

The site is simple, mobile friendly and properly optimised for her to rank well locally where her business is

Your website need not be a complex long winded process. Give us the information and we can get you on view to the world in minimum time.

Visit HoneyBee Floral Art and browse some incredible flower art - https://www.honeybeefloralart.co.uk


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