griffin roofingPaul Griffin came to us after being recommended.

Paul, like many knew he needed a website but other than that didn't really know what he wanted, how it should look or what name it should have. We discussed all the pros and cons and eventually arrived at which is his business name.

Having secured the name for him and set him up with an email account we produced a potential design for Paul who immediately gave it the thumbs up. We shared a Dropbox account for images and within a very short time we had a simple local business website showcasing Griffin Roofing.

We have set the site up for various keywords to try to get the site ranking well locally in North Devon and we will be checking back on this to make sure the site has the best chance of doing so. We do not abandon our customers to the minefield of Search Engine Optimisation unless they are happy on their own - I dont think anyone ever is!

There is a blog on the site which we have started off for Paul who is rightly nervous about where to start. Each to his own of course, I'm not going to fix your roof ! We are always keen to make sure every customer knows what they are doing with their site when it goes live and fully understand that the whole process might be extremely daunting.

The Blog can be found and subscribed to it from the button on this page : 

If you would like a website like this one or indeed nothing like this one get in touch via our contact page!










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