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Sale prices on a Gingerweb shop

If you would like to reduce a few prices to have a sale in your shop then follow these steps, its really simple and looks effective too!

Login to your Administrator area :

Go to Virtuemart and Products and select the product you would like to reduce. Bear in mind that if the item is a "child variant" that has differing prices then you may want to reduce all sizes/colours/flavours etc and not the "Parent Item" which wouldn't show up any changes in your shop.

If as in this case below all "child" products are the same price and the price of the item is in the "parent" then that is all you need to change.

This what you should see when you go into the product (click to enlarge)

sale price before

To set a sale price all you need to do is change the Override box and select "Overwrite final" as below:

sale price after


Then click SAVE and have a look on your website to make sure that the sale price is set, if it isnt check as above or ask me and ill help out of course!


This is what it should look like:

sale price result

 To remove the sales price all you have to do is click the "disabled" button under the override box and SAVE and you are back to how you were before.

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