A Little Furniture ShopWe love a new business idea at the best of times and this is an awesome idea and really well done too!

Robyn came to us (on recommendation)  with her idea to make and sell her own soaps using totally natural products, which included rapeseed oil produced on the family farm. It sounded like an excellent idea and then she told us the names of her first 8 soaps!

Carol Foamin' Baskin - I Wash My Hands With You - Life's a Beach - My Great Auntie Septic - My Name is Earl Grey - Turn Back Thyme and our personal favourite of course - The Grate Ginger One !!

Robyn needed an ecommerce website and a brand new logo to display her soap creations. It needed to be clean, fresh and easy to use. This new site was ready inside a month, the photography is brilliant and so important and on the first day of launch she had 15 orders!

Her logo was designed by Andrea from The CDI College in Winnipeg, Canada where we have a close contact. The students are brilliant and the advantages of seeing the ideas of 10 or so all at once instead of one person from a design agency are obvious. As soon as we saw this logo we knew it was a winner!

You can buy 4 of these glorious soaps for just £12 including postage - test the site out by going to the "Build a Box" page and get yourself or a friend a present - then you will see how easy to use our onepage checkout process is!

Robyn has full control of this simple to use site. As she develops new soaps she doesnt have to ask us to set them up for her she can do it all herself, all the time knowing that if she needs a hand we are here to help and always respond the same day, usually within minutes.

You can have a website like this selling your products in double quick time as long as you have your imagery and a Paypal account.

Pop over to the new website and see for yourself at https://www.foam-o.co.uk


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