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Amanda Kirtland-Page has been a client of ours for a long time, we have had the pleasure of setting up several different sites for her, this site was the first one we managed for her and it has been a pleasure to totally rebuild it for her with a few really important things in mind.

The original website was built with Wordpress, it was complicated to update and I think Amanda had lost the love for her most important site, spending far too long trying to get something to work when she knew exactly how she wanted it to look.

If this sounds familiar have a look at the Joomla Content Management System. We have built this new site for Amanda with Joomla so that she can control all parts of it with ease. There is a shop where she can sell downloadable along with "hard goods", an awesome events manager where she can take bookings with payments, there is a fully featured blog and on top of all this she has all her featured "products" detailed on individual pages.

The new site is fully optimised to get the best from Google searches and we will be looking to introduce video to the site shortly to keep the viewer on the pages that little bit longer - Google loves this!

This is the first time we have setup a shop with downloadable products, the system works exactly the same as for "hard goods" and both are contained within this shop. Both types of product end up in our simple "one page checkout" where the customer can complete payment and enter all their details on the same page before being sent to Paypal to complete. If you believe you are losing sales in your cart this is really important and will always lead to far fewer abandoned shopping carts this way.

This entire site was completed in around 2 months and is presented in a way to run as fast as possible with Google analytics and spam protection with the Google Recaptcha system.

Please have a look at and tell us what you think.


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