Bideford ArchiveThe Bideford and District Community Archive is based in Windmill Lane, Northam, North Devon. They are a hard working group of volunteers who spend three days a week archiving The Gazette Newspaper from its very first edition in 1856.

They came to us with a bunch of databases made up in Excel, Access and even Microsoft Word saying they wanted to be able to get their data online for the world to see. We are delighted with the result and hope you can take some time to have a look through at some of the amazing articles the Gazette has published in its time. The database searches are at times hilarious and of course very useful to your family tree research:

A search of the Newspaper archive for "Accidents" in "Appledore" for instance - click this link for direct results gives these results at the top (click to enlarge):

appledore accidents

So we managed to be able to show all the Archives results online and our personal tuition to the volunteers means that they are also able now to update the information into the website directly, so no more Excel databases full of great information - you can read it as it goes on!

We hope this great website will go from strength to strength, be informative to the North Devon population and also make some money through advertising for the Archive to help fund their office. We are helping with selling advertising space on the site so if you would like a spot please let us or The Archive know.

Please visit the new website at


 Call us now on 0843 289 7127 or send a message to get a prompt response from here.

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