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Steve and Matthew Alford have been customers of ours for very many years but this is their first website.

Managing a very busy business day to day they haven't felt the need for a website.  Now they are looking at being able to show a more professional image and today, if you don't have a website you just don't look like you are a permanent fixture.

Of course everyone could do with more work too so this new website covers a great many bases which Google will pick up on after some detailed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and working with Matt has been a joy to get this done in just a few weeks.

We shared a Dropbox account which Matt has been furiously adding images of their work and documents to complete the page areas. It is a big complex website with a huge amount of information but it is simple to navigate and clear and easy to understand.

If you are a domestic or commercial customer it is obvious where to go to find what you need and as ytou navigate the pages it is obvious this is a well organised electrical company who are proud of the work they achieve day to day.

If you live in the South West of England and need any electrical work we can definitely recommend Alford Electrical Services Ltd.

Pop over to their new website and see for yourself at

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