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Mark is a young surf instructor based in Westward Ho! North Devon. His dreams of becoming an instructor on his nearby beach are now a reality now that he has an Internet presence and will hopefully very soon start to rank well amongst the stiff competition that is Surf Schools in North Devon.

One of the reasons for the link above this paragraph is to assist with the ranking of this website for the above keyword.

Every little thing helps and along with his new blog system Mark will be sharing his website across all of social media to attract the young and the not so young to his part of the Westward Ho! beach.

The site is really simple in that it has the big and bold images in a slideshow that grab the attention. The drone image we took for Mark along with a short video that he will use in his blog. This shows his individual skills off really well, that wave was huge!

Under the slideshow is a user choice, clear and obvious. Individual or Group lessons is a simple choice and each direction has enough information and a call to action button opportunity to book or enquire.

The blog comes next, so that each time a new one is posted, the homepage and in fact every page will change. We prefer to have the telephone details at the bottom so that the user who is only looking for the contact details at least browses the homepage before leaving.

Marks great new logo was provided for him by our connection with the fantastic graphic design college in Manitoba, Canada, the winner this time was Kennedy Aquino

Please have a look at https://www.westwardwavessurfschool.co.uk and tell us what you think.



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