cornsihtherapiesSt Eval Therapy Group is and went live on 9th March 2018. Within 2 hours of setting the site up properly and submitting it to Google it was on page 1 at position 6 for a search of "golf hypnotherapy Cornwall", as i write the following day it is at 4 and will doubtless be at number 1 shortly.

It is really important to know your keywords before you even start your project and this starts with choosing your website domain name. Sometimes your business name might be very appropriate for your business but not so much for your site domain and this site is a prime example. We chose because that is what potential customers that have never heard of St Eval Therapy Group will be searching and that is where the customers are.

We also have some other web domains going to the relevant pages. goes to the Hypnotherapy page and goes to the Massage Therapy page. This is helpful for SEO, Advertising data and promotions.

Tom and Hannah came to me with a design of another website they really liked. We havent replicated it exactly of course, but have the bones of the design as they requested, minimalist and simple with some really nice imagery provided by a friendly local photographer.

Visit St Eval Therapy Group for various types of massage therapy and Hypnotherapy provided on Skype if need be!


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