Newton Abbot Plasterer TQ12Well we have never seen anyone plaster like this! Who would have thought that plastering a wall could be done so many different ways?

Glenn is super qualified in plastering and it is important that his website shows off his skills and previous work. We have a huge gallery of the creations he has made for previous customers and before and after images to show his achievements.

It makes us want to get him round to Gingerweb towers!

Glenn has started on his blog too. We have installed a state of the art up to date blogging system for him and he is doing it all himself. It is a simple process and you dont have to be at all techy to manage it, and done properly it is 100% the best way to get you noticed by Google.

By using the domain we are going for his most important keyword in his domain name as we have found from experience this works well. Make sure you combine a great website with a fast server, properly tagged and setup with your keywords with the right domain name and we dont think you can fail.

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