JP Tuning Borders Lothian bordersJPTuningBorders is a vehicle Performance Tuning business about 50 miles south of Edinburgh, on the borders of Scotland.

James had built his own website using the Wix site building package.

There is no reason why you cannot have a decent looking Wix website but we constantly hear from new customers that they dont get found on Google. Some of this is down to the Wix platform and some of it is just down to the way they have built the website.

A "proper" Content Management System is designed from the ground up to impress Google and that is why we use the Joomla platform.

James had used the .com domain which is fine for International business but Google is looking for a domain on a UK based web server, which again you wont get on the Wix platform. So we purchased and in due course the .com domain will be forwarded to the new one as well.

The new website has multiple "services" on their own pages. All of these pages are optimised so that we can direct Google searching customers to the right page.

The site has all sorts of benefits to Search Engine Optimisation and we have high hopes that, along with the Chatbot they will be seeing an increased amount of traffic to the site soon.

If you are a "Tuning" business and you are looking for a website we can setup this template for you with all your content (text, images and videos) really quickly and for no more than £600.

Try out the chatbot on this site too, it is obtaining quotes from customers every day already and answering questions while the team are working in the garage - a really cheap secretary!

Rev on over to the new website and see for yourself at



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