Friends of Burton Art GalleryFriends of Burton Art Gallery

The Burton Art Gallery is internationally famous but it resides in the "Little White Town" of Bideford, North Devon. The Friends of the Gallery are a registered charity that supporty the Museum and Gallery.

They are involved in fundraising and sponsorship of events. Events are the key to their new website which it is hoped will attract more members and more publicity for them.

The website has a really simple function on the homepage and that is to display "Coming Events" which just need to have their category changed to become "Past Events".  Each one creates its own page where the viewer can read as much or as little as they like before deciding to go or not. We can easily add video to the pages also.

The "About Us" page has images of the Charity Committee with contact buttons for each of them on the images. We can add Social Media buttons to this also if required. This is a really popular module, totally mobile friendly and simple to setup and update.

Do you have a website you cannot access to update yourself? What is the point in having to ask someone else to do it for you? It takes ages and sometimes doesnt even get done right?

Watch this short video that shows how easy it is for the Friends to be able to add and adjust "Coming Events" etc on their own website:

Open the video up to full screen and see how easy it is. There is no audio. We provide our customers with videos like this for any aspect of their website that they will want to update or adjust themselves. The website is yours dont forget, and you should be able to do as much or as little as you want with it. If you do nothing with it of course Google will soon lose interest and it will drop from the search ranking.

Make the most of your website, simple updates keep your visitors and Google interested and you can do it yourself!

Pop over to their new website and see for yourself at


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