community protection south westAndy came to us with his business name and a really good idea of what he wanted to get across to the public but freely admitted he didn't know where to go next.

We started by registering his name as a web domain name, ensuring there was nothing similar that might cause problems and we settled for

We have a fantastic connection with a Graphics College in Canada and we pitched this business to them, with a view to developing a great new logo. The only instruction being that Andy didn't want anything "corny"!

It was Paul Longchamp who came up with the logo you can now see on the website, Andy loved the originality of it.

In a few hours we had a fully working email account and holding page online telling prospective customers that he was coming soon. We remotely setup his email for him and made sure everything was working. We also setup a Dropbox shared folder so that Andy could fill this with his pictures and he very helpfully wrote out a long Word document with all the text he wanted on the website.

Withing a very short time we had a design to show Andy, which he loved and the website was ready to go in just a few weeks.

It clearly displays what his business is all about, the options to the customer and a simple means of getting in touch. We are working on the "optimisation" of the site now to give it the best chances to rank well on Google.

The Blog can be found and subscribed to it from the button on this page :  

If you would like a website like this one or indeed nothing like this one get in touch via our contact page!











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